Shared Tasks

Shared Tasks

We are happy to announce that we will be hosting eight shared tasks:

Shared Task 1: Arabic Financial NLP (AraFinNLP)

Shared Task 2: FIGNEWS 2024: Shared Task on News Media Narratives of the Israel War on Gaza

Shared Task 3: ArAIEval: Propagandistic Techniques Detection in Unimodal and Multimodal Arabic Content

Shared Task 4: StanceEval2024: Arabic Stance Evaluation Shared Task

Shared Task 5: WojoodNER 2024:  The 2nd Arabic Named Entity Recognition Shared Task

Shared Task 6: ArabicNLU Shared-Task: Arabic Natural Language Understanding

Shared Task 7: NADI 2024: Nuanced Arabic Dialect Identification

Shared Task 8: KSAA-CAD Shared Task:  Contemporary Arabic Reverse Dictionary and Word Sense Disambiguation

Important Dates

For any questions, please contact the Shared Task Chair:

The Second Call for Shared Task Proposals

The Second Arabic Natural Language Processing Conference (ArabicNLP 2024) 

Co-located with ACL 2024 in Bangkok, Thailand, August 16, 2024. (Hybrid Mode).

We invite proposals for shared tasks related to Arabic NLP to be part of the ArabicNLP 2024 conference.

The proposals should provide an overview of the proposed task, motivation, data/resource collection and creation, task description, pilot run details (if available), a tentative timeline that matches the submission dates below, and task organizers (name, email, affiliation). Proposals in PDF format can be up to 4 pages.

Shared Task Proposal Submission URL:

Selection Process

The proposals will be reviewed by the organizing committee and selected based on multiple factors such as the novelty of the task, the expected interest from the community, how convincing the data collection plans are, the soundness of the evaluation method, and the expected impact of the task.

Task Organization

Upon acceptance, the task organizers are expected to verify that the task organization and data delivery to participants are happening in a timely manner, provide the participants with all needed resources related to the task, create a mailing list, and maintain communication and support to participants, create and manage CodaLab or similar competition website, manage submissions to CodaLab, write a task description paper, manage participants submissions of system description papers, and review and maintain the quality of submitted system description papers.

Important Dates for Shared Task Proposals