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Student Participant Fees

The registration fees are set by the main conference (ACL). Typically, there will be different tiers for students and non-students, and for in-person and virtual. Here is the price list from ACL 2023:

Note that students who submit papers can also apply for Arabic NLP scholarships:

We will do our best to cover the virtual registration cost for students with accepted papers. 

Also, students can apply to volunteer (even virtually), and that comes with a waved registration.

Students from some countries can get additional support through the main conference Diversity and Inclusion programs. Please reach out to them (this is outside of our control).

Conference h-index

Check out the ArabicNLP Google Scholar page:
This is based on ArabicNLP and its predecessor WANLP.

All ArabicNLP and WANLP papers are published on the ACL Anthology, which is open to all and will not require access fees.